Hiring a professional photographer costs 1% of your commission.

Let’s assume that you’re an active agent, working in an average market where the median sales price is about $600,000 and you take one of those average listings.

If you spend just just 1 percent of your commission to advertise the home, it would cost you $165.

Considering your commission will be somewhere between $16,500, $165 for professional photos seems paltry, doesn’t it?

The extra money spent to adequately market your listing pays off even after the sale. An additional benefit of drop-dead gorgeous photos is that you’ll be viewed as more professional and get more listings and studies show you will even get a higher price tag.

As a Professional photographer I will focus on the best features of your property, making it stand out and shine…whereas amateur photographers just ‘show the space’ with no consideration for the inside and outside exposures. My job is to make your listing stand out above the competition, my goal is to make the potential buyer want to look at that specific property more than the others and convincing the buyer to visualize themselves moving in before they even walk through the front door.”

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