Back Away From the iPhone and Hire a Photographer

Let’s be honest, most online rental property listings look the same and the key element that makes them look the same is the photos. The majority of rental photos you’ll see have been taken on a smartphone or point and shoot camera. These cameras might be great for selfies and even holiday snaps, but they lack wide angles and do nothing to light up rooms in an appealing manner.

It will come as no surprise when I say that the Central Coast rental market is slowing down. As the number of available rental properties has increased and the time they’re spending on the market. These rising vacancy rates mean lost income for your landlords and for you, in other words, it’s a bad situation all round.

With a stagnate market; ensuring that your rental listings stand out from the crowd has never been more important. After all, when a property stands out, it’s more likely to attract the eyes of more respectable and potential tenants, faster. Which means that you can lease the property faster with less trouble. When the market is stacked in your landlord’s favour, with higher rental demand than supply average photos might be ok. But in our slow rental market, landlords and rental agents are currently finding this is not an effective strategy.

But the good news is, there’s one simple, sure-fire way to get standout rental listings: invest in professional real estate photography.

Professional rental property photos stand out from regular photos because they’re clear, sharp, warm, and high quality. The images with warmth and clarity make them more appealing, their sharpness gives the impression that they’re accurate and their high quality communicates professionalism.

At the end of the day you will get a property leased with respectable tenants, faster, which will make for a very happy landlord. A Win-win for everyone involved.


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