“But I Own a Really Good Camera … “

Many agents fancy themselves photographers merely because they bought a an expensive camera and taught themselves how to use it. There is an art, however, to good photography. The skilled professional knows how to use composition, color and lighting to make a photo more appealing. Owning a great camera makes one no more a professional photographer than owning a sports car makes one a professional racing car driver.

Deep down inside agents understand that they can’t wear all the hats in their real estate practice and still adequately serve their clients – especially while simultaneously trying to grow their businesses. It’s the agents who delegate that typically move to the next level.

Even if you fancy yourself a budding photographer and have all the high-end equipment necessary, your time is better spent drumming up new listings and growing your business.

Real estate agents are hired to sell homes, not take photos.

Phil Knight, co-founder and chairman of Nike, Inc. says “I used to believe that a good product sold itself,”

Plenty of real estate agents fall into the same trap “A good house will not sell itself”. Even in the best of markets, advertising your listings is essential. Your clients expect it and they’re paying you to do it right.

The next time you’re tempted to pull out your iPhone to snap listing photos, ask yourself this: Would Phil Knight whip out his point-and-shoot and snap random photos of a pile of athletic shoes to be used in Nike’s print advertising?

As an agent your main objective is to “make buyers dream”, photos by Photography by Bonnie Moloney will do that.

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